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It may be Vegas, but the odds of being attacked by your boss and outlaw bikers on the same night—slim.

My first novel, Truth Moon, will be published in the Spring of 2023. 


All she wanted to do was attend a writer's conference. She never intended to get involved with a hitman. And then things got complicated.

My second novel, Hitman's Honey, is available now for free, on BookFunnel.

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I spent the first part of my career as a painter. And, as painter, I have always told stories - each color, line, and compositional element speaking to an experience. My writing is simply those stories incarnated anew. My work aims to confront something within myself, transforming characters and — I hope — my readers, leaving them better at the end than at the beginning.

I've published my latest novel, 'Hitman's Honey', on BookFunnel, where you can sign up for my Readers Club and download the book FREE for your favorite ebook reader!

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