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I spent the first part of my career as a professional artist, teaching full-time at the college level and showing my art. I have an undergraduate degree from Moore College of Art & Design and an MFA from Vermont College. 

Author Skye Warren’s book, The Pawn, was the first romance book that I fell in love with; it made me want to write. 

Now, I use words instead of paint and wood to reveal universal truths and confront the human longing to connect. I believe romance transforms the heroine, the hero, and the reader and that reading a good romance takes you on a journey, healing both the author and the reader.

In the past year, my writing career has taken off.

First, romance writer Calia Wild (A.R. Case) selected me as a mentee for the Romance Writers of America mentorship program, called RAMP, in 2021. Then The Wild Rose Press, Scarlet Imprint, placed my novel, Truth Moon, under contract, for a spring 2023 release. Plus, I’ve got a second book in that series, Tarot Moon, that’s in a beta reading phase right now. 

And if that weren’t enough to get me excited, I've published a standalone novel, Hitman’s Honey, that's for sale now.

I also write a newsletter, What Do Romance Writers Think About? to give back — to give to other writers the kind of support that I’ve been so privileged to receive.

A novel or a story should provide a satisfying emotional experience for the reader. Not necessarily a happy one. Your emotions should be engaged, intensified and at the end you should receive a certain release. 


'Don’t bore the reader' is my mantra.

A B O U T   K A Y

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