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I spent the first part of my career as a professional artist, teaching full-time at the college level and showing my art. I have an undergraduate degree from Moore College of Art & Design and an MFA from Vermont College. 

Author Skye Warren’s book, The Pawn, was the first romance book that I fell in love with; it made me want to write. 

Now, I use words instead of paint and wood to reveal universal truths and confront the human longing to connect. I believe romance transforms the heroine, the hero, and the reader and that reading a good romance takes you on a journey, healing both the author and the reader.

In the past year, my writing career has taken off.

First, romance writer Calia Wild (A.R. Case) selected me as a mentee for the Romance Writers of America mentorship program, called RAMP, in 2021. Then The Wild Rose Press, Scarlet Imprint, placed my novel, Truth Moon, under contract, for a spring 2023 release. Plus, I’ve got a second book in that series, Tarot Moon, that’s in a beta reading phase right now. 

And if that weren’t enough to get me excited, I’m publishing a standalone serial novel, Hitman’s Honey, here on my website right now. That book is free to read for anyone who signs up for my Readers Club. Once you’ve signed up, I’ll email you to let you know when each new chapter is released.

I also write a newsletter, What Do Romance Writers Think About? to give back — to give to other writers the kind of support that I’ve been so privileged to receive.

A novel or a story should provide a satisfying emotional experience for the reader. Not necessarily a happy one. Your emotions should be engaged, intensified and at the end you should receive a certain release. 


'Don’t bore the reader' is my mantra.

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