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It may be Vegas, but the odds of being attacked by your boss and outlaw bikers on the same night—slim.

My boss, I should have seen coming. Thanks to the life I left behind, I know an abuser when I see one, and it was just a matter of time until he found out I’ve been lying about who I am.

As for The Knights of Steel MC, the only way to keep them quiet was to go with them, except the club president’s obsession with me goes beyond their escort service and BDMS clients. I bet my life on it.


Rory understood the situation and her role. The Knights had a hold over her. WM wanted a doormat. For now, she’d be one, but if things got worse and an opportunity came her way, she’d blow this place. If nothing presented itself in two months’ time, WM would take her home.


“Good morning, girlfriend,” Cowboy said, his voice tinged in sarcasm, never taking his eyes off her, like she was a prize filly at auction. “I’m sorry we got interrupted last night. We can play catch up today.”


"Consider this a baptism. You’ve been born again, and belong to us, body, and soul,” WM told her. Part of it was the girl’s reprimand, truth, he was mad at himself for being a part of something this dark. How bad am I that she prefers death to me?


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