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River Pearson endures the abuse of her cruel husband until she can finally steal her children away to safety, returning to the only man who’s treated her as someone special and barges into the playboy mobster’s sprawling mansion, ready to offer anything he desires.

Cruz MacKenzie revels in dark urges. But when the self-proclaimed witch spies the ripe, sexy, but desperate survivor who broke his heart by leaving the last time she was there, he’s torn between his urge to protect her and the desire to claim her innocence. Determined never to lose her again, the high-powered Chicago criminal offers her an ultimatum… leave forever or forfeit her freedom for one year.

Now contractually enslaved to her guardian, River’s hard labor, and humiliating punishment at his sensuous hands is made bearable by focusing on healing her children. Cruz hesitates to satiate his cravings while longing to pour out his black soul to his generous prize.

With a traitor in the house seeking to destroy them both, can this wounded pair break the chains of trauma?

The Devil You Know is a pulse-pounding standalone dark romance novel. If you like brooding heroes, a gothic atmosphere, and steamy chemistry, you’ll love Kay Freeman’s suspenseful tale of dominance and liberation. Buy The Devil You Know to play with fire tonight! 

I am obsessed with this book! Wow! I could not put The Devil You Know by Kay Freeman down! ... There's an amazing plot in this intense, fast-paced romance that kept me glued to the pages. And, I devoured the dark, steamy eroticism as Cruz pushed River into places she had never known. Delectable!

Jean S. on BookBub

"The allure of these dark characters and their unusual relationships can be a source of fascination for the kind of readers who enjoy exploring the motivations and desires of the characters, as well as their hidden pasts. This dark romance novel offers a dramatic, intense plot, as well as two complicated leads."

The 'Fiction Addiction' Blog

"This book is a must read, oh my days, I am literally in love with everything about it. Gothic romances just do it for me. The heat between Cruz and River had me feeling all sorts of ways, and despite their many flaws, I loved them entirely. I really want more from this author, she is so amazing."

Fallengrestcrew, Instagram

“If you are looking for something with explicit spice and mature themes that keep you on the edge of your seat, add this to your TBR. Kay Freeman has a way of pulling you into a literal dungeon and making you want to stick around.”­­

Meghan, Goodreads

“Amazing read! Once I started, I couldn’t put it down.”

BookNerdzrule, Goodreads

“The suspense, the twists, turns, and uncertainty make for a good quick spicy read. This book does contain many triggers and may not be for everyone. But if you enjoy slave/master vibes, you’ll love this one.“

Kimberly, Goodreads

“A great storyline with fantastic characters. I did NOT see the bad guy, totally thought it was gonna be someone else. Loved it! Highly recommended!!”

B.K. GoodReads

“A dark tale that will leave you satiated and entertained. Fast paced and well crafted narrative. I was hooked and read it in one sitting. In depth characters and a well crafted world build make 'The Devil You Know', a thrilling read.”

Lisa, Amazon

"'The Devil You Know' is described as a romance, but it’s extra, extra spicy… so this one is not for everyone … but if my bookstagram friends are any indication of a reading trend, I think there’s a lot of spicy reading going on."

The 'Fiction Addiction' Blog

"I have rarely come across a book, with an older FMC, and I was thrilled from the start! River, scarred & damaged by her past brings her to the front door, of the devil she knew, someone who once held her above water, who saw there's so much more to who she is, and her worth before she herself could. I know, I know, Cruz is a morally grey character, but don't we love those? The alpha who goes soft, just for that one person?"

Harpy, Amazon


The Devil You Know

Narrated by Brock Donovan
5 hours 8 minutes


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