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The unthinkable happens to Raven Rose. First, the art student and dog walker is mugged. The following day, she’s abducted. 

No one would ever suspect Ed Allen, the well-known Philadelphia, craft artist, of such a thing. After Ed sees Raven attacked from his window the evening before and having lost his wife to a vicious attack seven years earlier, he fears for her life. Ed does the only thing he can: chains her in his pantry.

Raven must find a way to escape. If she doesn’t return to school in seven days at the start of the spring semester, she’ll flunk out and won’t be allowed to return. She doesn’t have the money to pay the tuition bill herself. The foster care system of Pennsylvania is paying her way.

Ed is under the illusion that he’s protecting Raven from the thugs that attacked her, but who will protect her from him and the person still threatening his well-being?

Another fast-moving gothic novella, with paranormal elements and twists and turns in the plot.

Tropes: Close proximity, two damaged souls, Older man - younger woman.

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Leather Man


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