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Connor Jackson, an Irish, experienced hitman meets Rylee Reed, an American author attending a writer's conference at the same hotel. The following day, after spending a romantic evening together Connor receives a picture of his newest target—it's Rylee.

The novella includes the following tropes: opposites attract, second chance at love, secret identity, morally gray, damsel and dude in distress and forced proximity.

A love story with an older couple with strong themes of transformation and redemption.

"Romantic suspense with a captivating opening paragraph."

Nina Fiegl, Romance Author and Editor

"I really enjoyed 'Hitman's Honey'! It exceeded all my expectations! Just the right combination of romance, intensity and eroticism! It was a real thriller with lots of zest! I definitely want more!"

Ginni G, Reader in NJ

"I took a trip to Washington, DC and Ireland and never left my couch. The company was grande—a sexy hitman. Like most vacations it ended too soon. I want another one."

Reader Karli M, posting on Instagram


Hitman's Honey (Audiobook)

Narrated by Brock Donovan
04:20 Hours


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